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4-inch iPhone Already In Production, Meant For Emerging Markets

Apple’s view on the ideal size of a smartphone has shifted over the years, mainly due to market pressure and the fact that “phablets” have almost become the norm. This led to the creation of the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 and 6s series, and persuaded the Cupertino giant to drop the 4-inch form factor altogether, for two years in a row.

However, as you’re most likely aware, there have been countless rumors to suggest that Apple is going to make a comeback in the 4-inch market by the end of 2016. Even more recently, Nikkei reported that the mysterious 4-inch iPhone is already in production and scheduled for a spring release, and that the terminal will mainly be aimed at emerging markets.

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4-inch iPhone Already in Production? Aimed at Emerging Markets?

As you may have already heard, a couple of days ago Apple came very close to reporting a year-on-year quarterly loss in iPhone revenues, which would have been a first in the company’s history. One of the reasons to cause this decline might be the fact that the high-end / premium market as a whole is saturated and demand continues to shift towards more budget-conscious offers.

With that being said, Apple has little-to-no influence in emerging markets where the Android platform is thriving. However, according to Nikkei’s recent report, the fabled 4-inch iPhone will be Apple’s response to this market shift. The 4-inch handset is reportedly already in production, and it’s designed to compete in emerging markets where the Cupertino giant is expected to try and establish a foothold starting this spring (when the handset will allegedly hit the shelves).

Sources add that the 4-inch model will be comparable with the iPhone 5s in terms of overall dimensions, and will offer a level of performance similar to the iPhone 6 series.

Of course, the mysterious 4-inch iPhone at hand would not be Apple’s first attempt to win the hearts of non-high-end consumers. The first such endeavor was signaled by the release of the iPhone 5C in 2013, but the aforementioned device wasn’t received too well by the market (although it did sell quite well by most standards) on account that it was too pricey for an iPhone 5 wrapped in plastic. Hopefully, the company will not repeat the same mistake twice.

As usual, we’ll keep you up to speed with future developments so stay.

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