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Apple Watch 2 Mass Production: Sometime In Q2?

Lately, there’s been a lot of buzz regarding the production of the Apple Watch 2. We don’t know much about what Apple’s second-generation wearable will have in store spec-wise, but nevertheless, all evidence so far suggests that the Watch 2 will enter mass production in the coming months.

Specifically, sources in Apple’s supply chain cited by Digitimes claim that the Watch 2 will hit the conveyor belts in the second quarter of the year. As expected, the production part will be handled by Quanta, and orders will not be high enough to require a second manufacturer.

As usual, you’ll find the full story right after the break.

Apple Watch 2: Mass Production in Q2?

It was mid-November 2015 when we first got word that Quanta is working on the next-gen Apple Watch, and it was also only a couple weeks ago when news reached our ears that Quanta is going to push the Watch 2 into trial production sometime in February.

According to fresh reports from supply chain sources cited by Digitimes today, the next-gen Apple Watch will indeed be manufactured solely by Quanta. Sources add that although Apple considered Foxconn as a second manufacturer for the Watch 2 (Inventec and Wistron too, according to early reports), orders will not be high enough to require a second manufacturer, thus, Quanta will be responsible for 100% of the orders. Reportedly, Apple lowered its estimates since Q4 2015 and reduced the Watch 2’s shipment forecast for 2016.

Furthermore, the source adds that Quanta will push the Watch 2 into mass production sometime in the second quarter of the year. However, neither Quanta nor Foxconn commented on these reports, so treat them accordingly.

The Watch 2 is expected to feature a Facetime camera, a dedicated Wi-Fi chip, and several other upgrades under the hood, some of which are said to improve upon the health / medical aspect.

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