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My friend circle of college

Hey!!! Guys my name is Prakhar Dubey.

I am from Virendra Swarup Institute Of computer is located at Kanpur........I am doing Bca from there......I am very fun loving I have many friends....but some close friends in college are Sumit kashyap,Prateek Gupta ,Avi Shukla ,Mohit hajela and Pranjal Tondon........

We together do lot of we won't pay attention towards our lecture .....because we are quite intelligent in itself the end of day when it comes to our result we prove this to everyone .....we work really hard at home .....but in college we enjoy a lot....we bunk classes...which is one of the biggest task.

I hope you guys really like my friend moral of the story is ..everything needs dedication whether it is a friendship or studies.....
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