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Use 2 Account in One Whatsapp

In this whatsapp you can use Two whatsapp account.Very cool whatsapp, amazing and enjoy.


Download - here

MOD Setting -

  1. General colors
  2. Home
  3. Conversation
  4. Privacy
  5. WAMOD Themes
  6. Miscellaneous

  • General colors - Staus bar colors , Toolbar color, Toolbar text color, Tool bar background,Navigation bar color,Dark status bar icons(Android6.0 and up)
  • Home - Home them, Tabs indicator color, Dark mode, Dark drawer, Select drawer background, Black text in drawer header.
  • Conversation - Toolbar style, hide profile photo, hide toolbar icons, close button, Right bubble color, Right bubble text color, Right bubble date color, same here left bubble color, Enable custom participant name & color,Enable custombackground color, Bubble style, Tick style, Entry style ,Personalize entry
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