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Top 3 best self defense product for girls/women

Below are the most popular and effective self defense for women and college students.
1- Honeycomb hair brush concealed stiletto dagger by cold steel-
Whats look like a simple comb is actually a deadly weapon.
Concealed in the comb's head is in an 8-inch dagger made from durable fiberglass materia that are wheather resistant.

2- Stun gun with flashlight-
The terminater compact stun gun is a sure way to put attacker down.

It may look tinny but this stun gun packs an amazing 25 millions volts into your attackers body, rendering them immobile without injuring and permanently killing them.

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3-lipstick pepper Spray-
Young woman,both in college or else where, can carry this with item in pockets or purse.

Unlike the keychain the lipstick doesn't have an attachment for your keys and can be hard to find in te dark and in the depth in your purse.
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