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Make Your PC Look Like JARVIS IRONMan To install Raimeter Theme On Your PC [LATEST]


RAINMETER comes with a few simple starter skins that provide a good place to start learning how to use and modify Rainmeter. There is also a vast and growing community of Rainmeter users who share the skins they create. Listed below are some of the better places where you can get new skins to use and modify. Download as many different skins as you like, you can always switch between them.

RAINMETR displays customizable skins, like memory and battery power, RSS feeds and weather forecasts, right on your desktop. Many skins are even functional: they can record your notes and to-do lists, launch your favorite applications, and control your media player -> all in a clean, unobtrusive interface that you can rearrange and customize to your liking. RAINMETER is at once an application and a toolkit. You are only limited by your imagination and creativity ..


Download Rainmeter From this Link -


Download Skin Pack From this Link -



Download and install Rainmeter Theme.

  1. Open your pc C DRIVE nd go Rainmeter Folder.
  2. Now You go SKINS Folder and Paste The Rainmeter RMSKIN FILE .
  3. back the Rainmeter Folder you can see Skininstaller.
  4. click on skininstaller then locate the RMSKIN FILE > C DRIVE >RAIN METER>SKINS and select The Skin and click open.
  5. Done.
  6. Rainmeter Skin Has been installed your pc.
If you want to remove skin right click on skin nd unload skin.
design your own them.

Note - If You Have problem them Download this video .

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