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How to unlock your android device without loosing any Data

::How To Unlock Your Android Device without Loosing any DATA ::

-- What will you do if your Android Smartphone is locked and you forgot the PATTERN/ PIN / PASSWORD ?

yeah, i know what you will do .
You will use that old  trick which will remove all your precious data from your device
and makes your device blank.

So, if you want to unlock your device without loosing any data.
So, Use this trick..

1-: To use this trick, we need to use a file manager application called AROMA FILE MANAGER (zip file)  copy the zip file to the SD card of your device.

Click  Download

2-: Turn your device into recovery mode, to do this turn off your device and restart it by holding the power key and volume down keys together. use volume up and down key to reach and power key to select the desired option.

      NOTE-: (do google to know the exact procedure of booting into recovery mode your android device).

3-: Select "mount and storage" from the recovery and do steps in sequence
     a) mount/system
     b) mount/data
     c) mount/efs
     d) mount/preload
     e) mount/sd card
     f) mount/ ext sdcard
      after those steps scroll down and select "GO BACK"

4-: After above steps, you need to install the AROMA FILE MANAGER to do this, select "intall zip for sd card" choose zip file of AF MANAGER which you have copied in sd card and install it by choosing install option.

6-:  Android will now open application directly from recovery. Select  MENU> SETTINGS then scroll down and choose "Automount all devices on start ". Click done and go back to recovery mode.

7-: You need to run again AF MANAGER in recovery by again installing it, this time AFM launch with all authorisation of mounted locations.

8-: In AFM, click DATA> SYSTEM  and then find  "password.key"/"gesture.key" OR "pattern.key" hold the key (which type of lock is in your device) and delete it by choosing delete option and select
     'YES' on confirmation.

< Once the .KEY file info is deleted, Turn ON your device normally.
Now you can access your device without any data loss. >

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