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GA WhatsApp Plus v1.0 Very Stylish Whatsapp - More Privacy

Update to version 2.16.259
Adding full privacy options
In addition freeze last seen you the option
The possibility of copying status

The possibility of copying the number.

Ability to copy a specific part of the message


* The possibility of seeing contact's status even if you were not stored on your computer

* The ability to edit images and edited them and drawing before sending

* The ability to send mass messages to groups, contacts

* Added option to activate the feature mentions
* Added option to activate the feature Send GIF Animations
* Added option to activate the feature to link groups
* Add the activation step verification feature option
* Adding to activate or stop replying to a message by quoting option
* Add restart WhatsApp option saves any change
* Added an option to create a backup copy of the chats
* Add restore the backup option for chats
* Add a statistical counter messages to groups

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