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How to turn your Android Like Mac OS

Here are the few steps which you have to follow to make your Android device just like Mac OS. One more best thing is there is no special requirement for this trick. You only have to download a simple small application from Play Store on your device, nothing else. Let me explain step by step with Screenshots.

Step 1: First of all, you need to download Leena Desktop UI (Multiwindow) app on your Android phone.
Step 2: After installing, go to menu, and open the downloaded app and allow the permissions it asks to you.

Step 3: Whenever you grants permissions to the app, it will make your Android screen just like Mac OS.
Step 4: Now, you can use your mobile like Mac. 🙂
Step 5: Check out different features of this app by opening it’s Settings section from Top Right bar.

Step 6: If you wants to get back on your Android look, just open it’s Settings and click on Last option which is “Quit”. It will ask you to Quit the application, simply click on Yes.

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