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Top 5 custom ROMs for Android -2017

Custom ROMs are popular in the Android universe due to many reasons. Not every Android smartphone gets updated to latest versions on Android and that’s where Custom ROMs come into play. Also, not everyone likes the various manufacturer skins like TouchWiz, Sense etc., which are kind-of bloated and resource extensive.

So, if you love tinkering or if you are just looking to get on-board with the latest Android version, Custom ROMs are the way to go. Choosing a custom ROM is a tough job, as it looks complicated and there’s also the issue of compatibility or serious bugs.

so here are top 5 custom ROMs for Android:

1- CynogenMod- 

CyanogenMod's main purpose is to make your smartphone a better, faster, and more versatile device. First of all, it delivers a pure Android experience with none of the bloatware, skins, and UI customizations that most manufactures tend to ship their devices with. That noticeably improves the smartphone's overall performance, responsiveness, and battery life.

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2- Paranoid Android-

Paranoid Android seems like a very competently done ROM. It maintains a lot of the features that made it really good in the first place, but also adds in a few new things for people to play with. We were especially impressed with how the new features have been integrated. Everything feels like an extension of the OS with a natural fluidity that isn’t generally typical for a custom ROM.

New action launcher mind blowing !

3- Catalysm-

The ROM is best known for its great performance and solid builds, with the least number of bugs. The ROM is only available for Nexus devices officially but you can get the ROM for other devices from unofficial channels like XDA. Well, if you are looking for a solid Marshmallow ROM with tons of features, Cataclysm should be good enough.
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4- Resurrection Remix-
Resurrection Remix has a lot of customization options, you can turn the theme to dark mode, heads up notifications are there which means when someone messages you then you can reply from any application you’re operating at that moment without opening the messaging app. It has the latest sources updates from Google, CyanogenMod, Omni, Paranoid Android, AOKP and Slim ROMs.

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This ROM suitable for those who wants stability in their phones. A stable release of MIUI gets slow updates. Because Xiaomi test all features on Developer ROMs. When they fully satisfied with the result then they roll out these updates in Stable ROM. If you are using stable ROM then there are fewer chances to get any problem because all functions already tested on Developer ROMs. That’s why the delay occurred in MIUI Stable updates.

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