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ZOOPER Homescreen Apk ( Best Home Screen For Android )

ZOOPER homescreen
Remember this one?
"Hey all,just finished my new set up,a spaceship control panel.
No bitmap,no PNG.the most difficult part was to find a way to build a realistic spaceship only with zooper (3hours making differents models).

This set up is composed with 3 separate wifget,all in a zip need to unzip them On your sdcard /zooper widget/template folder.
Thats means you gone need to open 3 differents zooper widget on your screen.

In this set up this the list of the applications I used..

  1. Samsung phone app.
  2. Samsung native camera
  3. chrome web
  4. Go sms pro
  5. Es explorer for the file folder icon
  6. YouTube android app
  7. G+ app
  8. Samsung native agenda
  9. Play store app.
  10. Gmail app.

You also need media utilities beta to activate the music player.

Enjoy ✌✌😀

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