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Better Youtube Experience by Top 5 Google Chrome Extension

1. Adblock Plus

  • Block ads
  • Allow acceptable ads
  • Disable trackking
  • Disable Malware domain
  • Disable social media buttons
  • Typo protection

2Youtube Plus 

  • Play your videos in a pop-out window
  • Turn off 60fps
  • Navigate through videos frame by frame (No longer necessary, YouTube already has it)
  • Allow ads only in videos from your subscribed channels
  • Blacklist entire channels from your suggestions and search results
  • Make the player fill the entire browser with the Fullbrowser mode feature
  • Player always visible where you want while reading the comments
  • Play your most recent subscriptions in a playlist
  • and more!

3. Video Downloader

  • Directly download video from youtube without leaving the page
  • Have various resolution selection
  • Have various video format

4. Tamper Monkey Script: MP3 Download Button

  • Download audio directly from Youtube page.

5. MusixMatch Lyrics

  • Instant lyrics view
  • Support multiple language all over the world
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