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K Whatsapp 2.5 Bug FIXED Apk

Like I Promised KWhatsapp 2.5 By +Kuldip Patel​ (Stock Package) Stock Emojis

Base 2.16.366

New green color based on new play store theme
New sounds
Some new icons
Centered Screens
New guide colors
New walls
New input field...

Original KWhatsapp Changelog

[Change] Base Update To 2.16.366.
[Added] "Open Chat" Option That Send message to any WhatsApp number - Thanks To Yousef Al-Basha(YoMods) For This Great Idea!

Note: 1) Please Add Country Code Before Number without '+'.
Example: For india number is 123456789 and code is +91 then enter 91123456789 in box.
2) Please Conform That Number you enter is in Whatsapp Otherwise You can't send messages.

[Added] Option to make Phone call instead of WhatsApp call - Thanks To atnfas hoak[Omar](GBMods)

Note: This Option Is Added With Audio And Video Call Option in Call Button.

[Remove] Bubble And Ticks Removed For Some Reasons.
Other Features As Feature List.
Other Bugs Fixed..

🔺 KWhatsApp's Features 🔻

🔹 Based on 2.16.366
🔴 Side Menu KMODs , Privacy And Open Chat Add To Home.
> Fast , Secure , Stable and Clean as Stock
■ Globle Privacy (choose Privacy for Groups, Broadcasts, Contacts) With Custom Privacy
⇨ Sms Verification Fixed
✔ Media Sharing Limit Increased to 700MB (send video(s) upto 700MB)
✔ Document Sharing Limit Increased to 120MB
✔ Broadcast Limit Increased to 600(Not Tested)
✔ Status character limit increased from 25 to 35 characters
> Disable Image share limit.
🔴 Disabled copying details (Date, Time, Name) while copying 2 or more messages
🔹 Ban proof
■ Fast Backup and Restore
👉 Restore Button like wa reborn
🔴 Status character limit increased from 139 to 256 characters
✔ Select text in conversation
> See Your Name And Status @ Home Action Bar.
🔴 Removed Call icon from chat screen which is now in Menu (No More Accidental Calls) !But Come Back Also.!
■ Hide Archive Chat
> Copy Contact Status.
👉 Permanent Mute Option.
🔴 Disabled copying details And Txt Select.
🔹 Contact Online Toast.
⇨ Group Message Counter.
👉 Clear Recent Emojis.
🔴 Profile Pic Zoom.
🔶 Other Will Be Found By YourSelf.
> All Hidden Feature Unlocked.

Download KWhatsapp 2.5 Apk
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