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Nexus 6P Turn into a Google Pixel

Android Google pixel is the best mobile phone of the year 2016 and with the amazing features and the Google 7.1.1 Android experience, this is the best part about this phone. Today I am going to tell you the way to Turn Your Nexus 6P into a Google Pixel.
If you will check out the performance of the Google pixel then you will see that Pixel is having the feature of Round Icons and then the animated navigation buttons, Night mode feature and much more.All these features you can get it on your smartphone easily with the help of 2 simple mods. It will turn your phone into a fully functional pixel device.

There are 2 mods in this article in which one is the System UI of the pixel and the second is the update patch which will help you to turn your phone into the pixel.
If you really need to turn your phone into pixel you need to have the custom recovery installed in your phone and a rooted android device.
Then you can flash those files and it will help you to turn your phone into pixel but the most important thing about these files is that you need to make a complete backup of your phone.
The other important thing about this your phone is to need to have the custom recovery installed in your phone and running the stock android device.
If these things you have in your phone then you can start do flashing on your phone without any issues.


Rooted Nexus 6P (Stock Android)
Custom recovery installed such as TWRP
Android 7.1.1, build number NMF26O
How to Turn Your Nexus 6P into a Google Pixel

Step 1: Download these 2 mods in your phone and make sure that you add them in the specific folder so that it will be easy for you to flash those files in your device.

Step 2: Now, you need to take a backup of your complete android device so that you don’t lose any data just because you might end up bricking your phone that the reason you need to take full NANDroid Backup.

Go to Custom Recovery 
You can see Backup button, Now click the backup button> Full Backup your Device.

Step 3: Now flash these zip files on your device. If you are in the recovery option you just need to click on the Install button and find the zip files. It will be in the download folder or else the place where you have saved it.
Note: Make sure that you flash Update first and then Update

Step 4: Enjoy the pixel full experience in your android device. I hope you love these fully functional pixel device. Now, you can show off about the all new pixel mod. You didn’t install any kind of pixel launcher and other third party applications. Don’t forget to set the pixel launcher as your default launcher.


  1. fully-working Pixel Launcher
  2. Google Assistant navigation bar animation
  3. the blue accent colour in Settings
  4. round icons
  5. Google Assistant
  6. solid-colored navigation buttons

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