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Top 10 best alternatives of Cyanogenmod rom

Hii guyz Today i am telling you about CyanogenMod.You know Cynogenmod services is shutting down.

But We have a new News - CynogenMod are going to Work on Lineage OS. It is said, One Can kill a product, but one can't kill the person's will to create new a Product.I am giving you short Description of best Rom of CyanogenMod.

Top 10 Best Rom Of CyanogenMod:

1-Lineage OS

1- Lineage OS :

Lineage OS Android Distribution.LineageOS is a new custom rom company which is going to continue  CyanogenMod. No one knows hows good will their roms? They will continue roms in future.

2- AOSP :

AOSP is the Official Android open source respository.The source is the way google intends it to.CyanogenMod is forked from you can say somthing like AOSP is the parent node here while CM is the child. AOSP is has the Attributes of frequent firmware.

3-Paranoid :

PARANOID Android provideas full suit of customization options for the best possible 
mobile experience> from user interface to app colors and bears some one of a 
kind features to fully modfie the user interface modes to your needs and make your 
Android device truely yours.

4- Carbon Rom:

Carbon Rom is an aftermarket firmware based on Android source project.We are dedicated to fast ,stable and feature-filled roms and honesty  and iteraction with the users,and openness with the code.


Miui is one of the best rom beacuse Mi is a big company it makes rom for Xiaomi devices which are loved by many people in india.This rom has a good feature and nice theme less bug.This is the most wonderful part of Miui.

6- OMNI Rom :

OMNI Rom is all about supplness, novlety, usefulness and new is a project from some well-identified masses of the XDA Commuinity who began developing the program in reaction of the commercialization of the CYANOGENMOD ROM.

7- Slim ROM:

SlimROM are slime in dimension yet powerful regarding of the slim ROMS USPs is that developer try to support most of the modern devices.This allows users are having a legacy or low-range Android devices to get a firm tremendous custom firmware for their device.


88Remix OS is an adjust  adaptaion of Android that can keep running on virtually any remix  Android into a Desktop  working firmware, complete with applications running windows, a Start menu , taskbar,desktop and notice range.


This is a 2nd Popular Rom of Android Devices. OXYGEN OS remains faithful to the goal of delivering  a pure Android experience with the powerful enchacement, Features you have come to expect from OnePlus . like off-screen gestures and customizable buttons are bulit right in, but you wan't find any unnecesarry gimmicks.

10- BLiss ROM:

BlissRom Offers the most elements of some other rom accesible. you could spend couple of months experience with elements and still have more to go.BlissRom is Open source and designers are continually creating and experimenting with new components inside the Rom.

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