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[FIX] How to Fix Wifi, SD card, Google Play, Sim, Alarm and all Bugs in LineagesOS

[FIX] How to Fix Wifi, SD card, Google Play, and Sim Bugs in LineagesOS.Today i found a new bugs in LINEAGES OS ROM.In a LINEAGEOS ROM wifi, Google play, SD card, Sim are not working so i am giving you solution.How to fix wifi, SD card, Google play, sim Alarm and System space running out bugs.

How to Fix SD- Card in Lineage OS:

Step1- Install "Terminal Emulator" in Your Android device.
Step2- Create a Directory name "External_sd"  in the sd card.

Step4- You can create Directory using "File explorer" app or "MKDir command" in the Terminal Emulator.

Step5- Open Terminal Emulator and Excute This Command-

sumount -o bind/mnt/emmc/sdcard/external_sd

Now Your SD Card has been Successfully Fixed.

How to Fix System space running out bugs in LINEAGE OS:

step1- Download and install Root File Explorer app.

step2- Open Root file explorer app and go to "internal storage" and see "data/log"

step3- in a "Log folder" you can see lot of system junk/ dump files.Select all files and "Delete".

Now check your Problem has been Solved.

How to fix Google play service error in LINEAGE OS:

First of all Download LineageOS GApps.

Step 1- First of all Download  Rom and Google Apps.and transfer to your External storage.

Step 2- Now Boot Your Device into TWRP Recovery Mode.

Step 3- After These Steps You Back on TWRP Menu. Click "Install" menu and select the Googleapps Zip [GApps] 

Step 4-  Now Select GApps Zip "swipe to confirm Flash".Now you can see Gapps is installing.This Process will be complete 5 to 10min.

Step 5- When GApps is Successfully > "Reboot System".

2- Now re - RooT your Phone by Flashing SuperSU zip.

3- Open ES - File manager app and enable Root permission.

4- Now you can see Root folder open it and find system folder.

5- Open all folder in System folder.

6- Copy and paste the host file from etc folder to sd-card.

7- Now delete the said host file from etc folder under system folder.

8- Done.

How to Solve Alarm bug in Lineage OS Rom:

You can easily to fix Alarm bug in Lineage OS Rom.Follow me:

1- Download Alarm clock xtreme app from Google play store.

2- Install it now Your Alarm bug is Solved.

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