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OGYouTube v2.6 Update

OGYouTube v2.6 Update

What's new:

  • OGYouTube (Unroot version only) now support Devices that doesn't have Google Play Services installed
  • Download notifications will vibrate only instead of making sound
  • Fixed an issue when starting the app for the first time
  • Fixed an issue when clicking the option menu on subscription videos
  • Improved the download notification on Android Nougat
  • Removed "Enable all qualities" since it doesn't work anymore
  • Minor fixes and improvements

📎 Download : 

OGYoutube for Unrooted Devices 

OGYoutube for Rooted Devices

microG v1.2 Update
Needed to fix the Login issue, and to run the app w/o any issues

📎 Download : 
micro og.apk

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