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How to Install Magisk On Your Any Android Device

Android rooting is the procedure which is followed by everyone. People always try to install the SuperSU from Chainfire. You have seen that if you are rooting your Android device with the help of SuperSU then you won’t be getting OTA updates on your device. This is the reason why developer topjohnwu came up with the tool of Magisk which helps you to do systemless rooting. Today, we are going to tell the way to Install Magisk on your Android device.

If you are using Android devices above 6.0 then Google has changed its security measures and it doesn’t allow their users to root their phone with the one click rooting applications such as Framearoot or applications such as Kingoroot. Those days were over when Google launched his Android 6.0.

This measure prevents SuperSU daemons from getting the permissions it needs to do the job at boot. In order to fix these issues chainfire created the systemless rooting method. There were many developers who started this trend and the developer topjohnwu also came up with an idea of systemless Xposed Framework.

install Magisk On Your Android Device

If you are having the Android device and you ever need to download and run the applications such as Android Pay and other banking application and there you might have seen the warning of your Android device is rooted.

This issues can be resolved if you will try to install te Magisk application on your device and this is easy and you just need a rooted android device and that’s it.

We have seen SuperSU always updates it binaries whenever new updates arrive of SuperSU and this is the same thing which happens in the case of Magisk. Magisk will automatically download the binaries on your phone.

There are the tons of features available in the magisk which you can try if you are installing magisk on your phone. Let’s see some amazing features of the magisk


  • Magic Mount: This feature will not allow the users to replace the existing files in the system directory but it will allow you to add the new files in the system. In simple words, we can say that it is possible to install all the rooted application on your device. 
  • Multiple Entry Points: If “Magisk Mount” is not powerful enough to complete your goal. Magisk provides several entry points for developers to run scripts at different boot times,making developers to do whatever they want at any time. 
  • If you are having applications such as Xposed and Root you don’t need to worry they depend on Magisk interface. 
  • Magisk.img file will save all your systemless mod in it and its size will increase if you will install more mods on your device. 
  • Remove verity / force encrypt patches SE Policy. 


  • Rooted Android Device. 
  • SuperSU installed. 
  • Working internet connection
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