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How to Theme Any of Your Stock Android Device

Theme Stock Android: Now a days theming any Android device is trending from the newer version Android phones. We have heard that we can only Theme CyanogenMod based ROM’s but no, we can also change the theme of any stock Android device.

You might be thinking how can we do customization in android without any custom ROM? You can, and you are at the right place if you have rooted android device then you can easily theme your android device. Android is always known best for its customization if you want to customize your android device then there are some themes and applications available at play store which will help you to do so in your device.

You can do changes in your Android device using an application from Play store. The name of the application is Substratum which is amazing application to do changes on your android.

What is Substratum? 

Substratum is the name of the application which will allow you to theme your android device. This application is not being so famous around peoples. There are only some Android device which can be themed. Such as Motorola, Nexus, LYF phones and other mobile phones running on stock android device. 

This application works great and some of the themes are paid and some of them are free and you can download or buy them from play store.

What You can Theme using Substratum? 

You can theme any Android application. Basically you need a rooted Android device for theming your android device. Most of these themes also change the color combination of application. You can change the themes of your System UI, Youtube, WhatsApp, Instagram, Play Store, Google App and many more other application which will help you out to change the themes of the application. 

You can also change the style of your navigation bar. This is simple and you don’t need to do a lot of changes and you don’t need to be a geek for changing the system. Your mobile will totally look like CyanogenMod.

Theme Stock Android Device using Substratum 

Substratum is the way you can theme your Android device in the easy way. This is simple and there are many themes available on the play store which you can change it. There are no issues while changing the theme and it works in almost all the android device. You can try these themes if you are having android version above 5.0x. You can change the theme of your device and enjoy the Pixel experience on your smartphone and if you want to change the navigation bar then you can also do so easily.

How to Theme Stock Android Device using Substratum [Installation Method]

Download and install Substratum Theme Engine on your Android device from Play store. 

⇲ Open the application in your device and you will be asked to grant the root permission for the application. 

⇲ Now, simply open your play store and in the themes search for Substratum Themes and you will find bunch of themes for your android device. 

⇲ Download or buy any theme of your choice and now wait till the theme is automatically getting installed. I am download Android N nav bar.

⇲ Open the substratum application in your device and you will see option of the application or the theme which you have downloaded for your android device. 

⇲ Click on it and choose what you have to theme select all the options or click on Select to Toggle Overlays option and turn it on.

⇲ It will automatically select all the options and now swipe your device screen up and there you will see an option of Apply Theme.

⇲ Click on it and then click on Install Selected and then the application will ask to Reboot just click on Ok and you are done.

⇲ You’ve done theming of your Android device. There are many themes available on Play store.

If you are tired of theming and you need to change the theme of your device then you can follow the below steps to uninstall the theme from your device. Make sure if you will delete the application from your device this wont uninstall the theme from your device. If you want to install the theme from your device then follow below steps.
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