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How to Get Started with Android Automation – Tasker

Android is improving everyday and with great features, there are millions of applications. Sometimes we perform some tasks everyday such as Turning on WiFi, Opening WhatsApp, Change Wallpapers and doing many tasks simultaneously. Now, if you will do all these tasks one by one then you will find it difficult and you will be wasting your time. What if you get started with automation? In this article, I will tell you how to get started with Android Automation.

Tasker is the application with great ratings on play store but if you will use this application properly and configure it properly you will learn a lot of things using this application and it will save your time. There are hundreds of tasks which you can perform with the help of Tasker but the only thing you need to do is root your device and then only you can use this application. Let’s take an example. You wake up in the morning and your task is to Open WiFi, Open WhatsApp, Open Game and shut down Wi-Fi. This will take you some time and you will notice some lags if you are having an old phone. Now, these tasks can be done automatically without swiping anything by a simple application called as Tasker which will help you to automate all the process and you can simply enjoy without wasting any of your time.

How to Get Started with Android Automation 

The name of the application is tasker which will help the users to automate any tasks and you can just use the play button and all the tasks which you have assigned your phone it will be automatically get started. The only thing is you need to buy the application from play store and it is around 2.99$ if you will see then it is worth spending the money and enjoying the application.There are many things and tasks which you can perform and if you are the fan of the XDA then you will be knowing that why Tasker is an important application and there are so many tasks and code which you can perform with the help of this application.

How to Get Started with Android Automation – Tasker 

∎ Download the Tasker application form Play Store.

∎ Open the application and click on Tasks from menu.

∎ Click on “+” icon and give your task name.

∎ Now click on Tick and then you will be in Action screen.

∎ Click on “+” icon and select your task and it can be anything and you add as many task you need. You need to check every option and learn the app.

∎ Now, click on the Back button and then click on Play Button to start the tasks.

∎ That’s it and all the tasks will be done automatically just clicking on one button and this way you can automate your device process.

∎ Done.

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