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WhatsApp Business Download Apk Latest Version [Update]

Update WhatsApp Business Download Apk, landline number registration, and multiple accounts options.

The Android app can be found on the Play Store at this link. You likely won't be able to see it because you need to be a Beta tester and that is still a private beta testing program. It has the same icon as WhatsApp, but the phone icon is replaced by a big letter B - check the image at the top of this post to see it.

Once downloaded, the app looks the same as WhatsApp, save for one change: the title bar says WhatsApp Business. There are tabs for your camera (and thus the fancy image status), chats, status, and calls. It's all standard fare. The changes will start appearing when you head into Settings. There you'll find two new sections for Business settings and Statistics.

Your business profile :

The main page of your business profile has an expanding profile picture, your business' name, a Verified/Unverified status badge, and any other data you've entered. This is basically what customers will see when they add you and try to contact you.

Tap the pencil icon on the top right and you can change any of those details. This includes adding a location, categories/tags, a description of your business, an email address, and one or many website addresses you want to point people toward.

Download Section :

Download Apk
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