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YOWhatsApp v7.20 Latest Version Download Now

YOWhatsapp v7.20

Download YOWhatsapp v7.20 apk latest

Changelog v7.20

• [Base Update] 2.17.427
• [EXCLUSIVE-BETA] Media Privacy! Hide WhatsApp Media (Images/Videos/GIFs) from phone gallery (YoMods > Option 7)!
• [Exclusive] Switch between old and new emojis (Option 1.3.2)
• [Exclusive] Fixed delay in Custom Hide second tick for CONTACTS
• [New] Lock Design
• [Added] New Emojis
• [Added] Option to remove custom privacy for a contact (YoMods > Privacy > Custom privacy)
• [Added] Recent/Viewed bar background color in Status (Option 2.1.9)
• [Added] Recent/Viewed bar text color in Status (Option 2.1.10)
• [Added] Change colour of message counter text colour (Option 2.1.2)
• [Added] Option to disable vibration in pattern (Option 6.0.6)
• [Enabled] Search in Storage usage
• [Enabled] Group members search (when members > 10)
• [Enabled] Group admin settings, waiting server activation
• [Improved] Custom Privacy changing randomly (Please check YoMods > Privacy > Custom privacy)
• [Improved] Swipe to exit
• [Improved] Speed entering the conversation
• [Fixed] Fixed choosing lock wallpaper for some phones (Option 6.0.4)
• [Fixed] Opening Verified contacts info
• [New package] com.yowhatsapp2 to run 3rd YoWA number
• Other bugs fixes and Improvements

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Without Emoji Changer Apk

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com.yowhatsapp - Download Now

com.yowhatsapp2 - Download Now
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